A Midwife’s Observations

“Here’s what I like about what I saw yesterday. 1) You are very present without being intrusive. You let [the mother] lead the way. 2) You are tireless. When you needed a break you let her know, you helped others take over, and then you came right back. That was a long, exhausting birth and you stayed with her to the end. 3) You are gentle and strong. 4) You are kind. There was no judgement about [the mother’s] decisions, just information. 5) You are well informed. You had lots of techniques and you knew when to use them. You knew when to support and when to ask questions. Finally: It was a pleasure working with you yesterday. I love having a good doula at a birth, especially when I am as busy as I was yesterday. Your support was consistent and continuous. Let’s do it again sometime!”

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