Mariah Moon

Tiffany is professional but also shares herself in a very personal way that helps so much during this raw process of birth. She is easy to talk to, easy to feel safe with and trust, and passionate about her work. Our birth would not have been the beautiful birth we wanted without her prep before, support during, and emotional processing after. I highly recommend her services, even if you just take her class you will feel more prepared and educated to achieve your dream birth.

An absolutely gorgeous vaginal twin birth, in the OR. First baby has arrived, and dad is oh-so-overcome.

A Midwife’s Observations

“Here’s what I like about what I saw yesterday. 1) You are very present without being intrusive. You let [the mother] lead the way. 2) You are tireless. When you needed a break you let her know, you helped others take over, and then you came right back. That was a long, exhausting birth and you stayed with her to the end. 3) You are gentle and strong. 4) You are kind. There was no judgement about [the mother’s] decisions, just information. 5) You are well informed. You had lots of techniques and you knew when to use them. You knew when to support and when to ask questions. Finally: It was a pleasure working with you yesterday. I love having a good doula at a birth, especially when I am as busy as I was yesterday. Your support was consistent and continuous. Let’s do it again sometime!”

Ashley Banks

I wanted a doula because I knew that I needed support to have the birth experience that I wanted to have. Tiffany was the first doula that I met with and I knew during that initial appointment that I didn’t need to look elsewhere. She had a comforting voice (important to me!) She was encouraging, VERY knowledgeable and she really listened to me. Beyond just listening, during our prenatal appointments, she asked great questions to help me really decide what I wanted and to think ahead to scenarios or decisions I had not considered. It really helped me mentally prepare for labor. When I wasn’t sure what I wanted, she helped me think through the pros and cons of each decision in a diplomatic way. Once she understood what I wanted, she was 100% supportive and empowering.

During labor, she knew just what I needed throughout the process. She was readily available and a solid support person. She was with me through every contraction, encouraging me and helping me focus on the right thing. She knew which technique I needed at each moment to help me promote labor and endurance. She offered emotional, physical and spiritual support into the wee hours of the morning. She encouraged my husband and I to connect and work together throughout the labor process. I was wonderful to have her come visit me and offer additional support at home after my baby was born. Labor was HARD and I can’t imagine doing it without Tiffany there to help me. I have a happy, healthy baby boy and the memory of a wonderful birth experience. THANK YOU, TIFFANY! I am forever grateful!

Laura Johnson

I knew that I wanted a birth doula to assist with my baby’s birth, but I had no idea how important her role would be. Tiffany is a uniquely thoughtful and intuitive person who took the time to deeply listen to my husband and me. In addition to wanting to fully understand our birth preferences, she sought to support my husband in fulfilling the active role he desired and helped us both think through possible considerations we might face during labor. Tiffany established an environment in which I felt extremely safe and supported, both emotionally and physically. She is an experienced childbirth educator, and I think that is a highly valuable attribute for a birth doula. She helped me to do most of my laboring at home, which was important to me, and she knew when it was time to transition to the hospital where I planned to birth.

Tiffany doesn’t have any agenda other than to best help mothers experience and prepare for the birth they envision for themselves. While I was excited to have a child, I very rarely enjoyed being pregnant. I was physically ill and emotionally depressed throughout most of it. It was important to me that a doula be understanding and compassionate about this, and not be too ooey-gooey about pregnancy itself. Tiffany heard that loud and clear, and I never once felt that she believed I “should” be feeling anything other than how I honestly felt. She helped me to be honest and compassionate with myself both prior to and during the birth, which is incredibly important for any mother-to-be. My husband and I are so grateful to have had her in our lives surrounding the birth of our baby. We couldn’t recommend her more highly to other expecting mothers and families.

Quena Keis

This was such a wonderful birth class. It helped me feel prepared and gave me the tools I needed and gave me things to keep in mind when my labor started. The class also gave me a great community of people who still keep in touch and it has been so wonderful to see our babies grow up together.

Tamara Andreas

We were fortunate to be in Tiffany’s childbirth class, and I highly recommend taking it! She is an excellent teacher – warm, thoughtful, educated, and fun. It was a small class setting, which was fantastic, so we really got to know her and the other couples in the class, which made it easy to ask questions. Thanks for a wonderful class and intro to parenthood, Tiffany!

Esme Beaird

I honestly don’t think I would have ever gotten through my most traumatic birth without Tiffany. She is brilliant! Full of grace, compassion and knowledge. She stood with me the whole time from my very start of labor for a solid 12 hours. She was amazing. I love love love her.

April Wiedner

Tiffany is absolutely amazing! From the moment I met her I knew she was the doula for me! Conversation between us flowed and just felt comfortable. It was clear she understood and saw value in what I wanted for my birth experience. Our journey then took us to her birth class that really helped equip me for the big event- highly recommend her class!

Once the big day came, she was right there by my side all night until after my perfect, little man arrived. Without her I can wholeheartedly say I would not have had the natural birth experience I yearned for. She knew just what to do and be in the moment for me when I didn’t even know myself. She truly has a gift that anyone would be lucky to have be part of their birth experience. Thank you so much Tiffany, you made a challenging experience empowering and rewarding!

Ethan Holub

I cannot express how amazing Tiffany was in helping us, praying for/with us, loving us and teaching us. This would have been a crazy and scary experience, but because of her, we were prepared and supported. I not only recommend having a Doula, but I strongly recommend Tiffany as your Doula. Tiffany has become a close friend throughout all of this and we can not recommend her enough. Thank you, Tiffany, for being a blessing from God to our family.

Christine Bourke Holub

The first 4 months or so of being pregnant I really debated having a doula. I gave birth a week ago and was able to have the best birth experience I could have imagined! Tiffany, who she is, her support and the information from her class made all the difference in the world! I felt informed, prepared, encouraged and supported. She knew exactly what I needed for every moment of labor. With her techniques we were able to move baby lower and I truly believe I would have labored for much longer without having that insight.
I would strongly encourage everyone I know to have Tiffany as their doula! My friends are probably all sick of hearing how thankful I am for her role, her class and how much I appreciated everything she did for us! Thank you Tiffany, we are forever grateful and thankful for you.