Hi!  My name is Tiffany Grantom and I am InsightDoula. 

I experienced my own five births as transformative, powerful experiences that I remember with joy. I am a mother who is passionate about supporting mothers, because although I’ve had many demanding jobs in my life, mother is unequivocally the hardest of all.  Rewarding, joyful, beautiful, and hard.   I have received amazing support and wisdom from other mothers, and I provide that same grounding, encouraging support to my clients.

Why InsightDoula?

My clients report that my service is highly intuitive.  My business name is “InsightDoula” because at some level, teaching is sharing insights.  At another level, I have witnessed and experienced that birth is a uniquely interior experience.  You tunnel into the well of strength, resilience, perseverance, courage, and faith as you bring forth life.  Along with the treasure of your precious child, you take from the experience a new understanding (insight) of the strength and power within you.  I will support you and your partner in that journey, whatever course your birth may take, and whatever choices you make along the way.

*I am a Christian.  I have served many clients who do not share my faith, and I am committed to giving every family the very best of my service and care.  For those who share my faith, or who believe in the power of prayer, prayer is an element of my service that is available at any time that you may wish for it.