In this unprecedented season with COVID-19, Doula Support and Childbirth Education are more valuable than ever. Contact me today and see how I can help you to have a peaceful, satisfying birth.

Birth is a journey to the interior

It is a place where you reach into your deepest well of strength and courage, faith, and hope. The story of your birth becomes the backdrop for a new understanding of yourself, and for your relationship with your baby. Whether in a hospital, birth center, or at home, as your birth doula, I am here to help you make that journey from a foundation of support, trust, and connection.
Your prenatal visits will explore your needs and wishes, and you and your partner will practice skills for coping with labor.   I serve as a trusted resource, a steadying hand. Then, throughout your labor, I provide information as well as continuous physical and emotional support for YOUR plans, and YOUR needs.


Research shows that you will most likely remember your birth experiences even well after your children are grown. The quality of care and support you receive will affect whether you remember those experiences in a positive or negative light.  But the quality of your memories is not the only reason having a doula makes a difference in your birth.  Check out the What a Doula Does page for statistics on how having a doula influences birth outcomes.

Hi, my name is Tiffany Grantom and I am InsightDoula!  I serve families in the Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, Harrisburg, Veneta, and Coburg areas of Lane County, Oregon.