Your doctor or midwife is primarily concerned with you and your baby’s physical well-being, just as they should be.  But birth is more than blood pressure checks and centimeters of dilation, more than contractions and monitors. Research shows that the continuous support of a trained birth doula significantly affects birth outcomes (see graphic above). 

Just how does a doula have such a profound impact?  What a doula does –

Birth is physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally consuming for you and your partner.  It is a whole-body, whole-person event, and there are more than physical needs to be addressed!  In fact, the mind-body connection is perhaps more present in birth than in any other time or event of life.  The more secure, respected, cared-for, and connected you feel, the more you are able to relax into allowing your body to birth as it is made to do.  It is my goal to ensure that you and your partner are well prepared, informed, and supported.  As your doula, I provide comfort measures, massage, encouragement, information, suggestions for position changes, and a continuous, calming, and reassuring presence throughout your labor.  

One of the challenges of labor and birth is navigating the unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable environment of the hospital or birth center. In the intensity of labor, you may find it difficult to know just how things are supposed to be, and what the right decisions are.  I will help you understand your options, and fully support the decisions you make.   While it is not my role to speak for you, I can help you clarify your needs and wishes so you can communicate them clearly.  Perhaps most comforting, I am the one member of the care team that doesn’t leave to check on another mama, or to come back when you’re closer to birthing your baby.  There are no shift changes for doulas.  See Packages for more information.